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Mini Praline Sweet Potato Pie

Award Winning

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Best Business of the Coast/Moss Point, MS

Winner of Two Categories
Best Pralines and Best Sugar-Free

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I AM Candy and Things

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Aristed & Marie Chestang
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Katrina Currie founded I AM Candy and Things in collective memory and honor of her trailblazing grandparents, Aristed and Marie Chestang. Both instilling a disciplined work ethic, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the drive to set and obtain goals, Katrina credits the many lessons she learned growing up to the two people who were denied the ability to pursue a formal education. Though, this did not stop Aristed and Marie from building a legacy through faith, business, and family. Without complaint, they led by example creating an impenetrable value system of servant leadership for both Katrina and her family. 


Aristed served in the United States Army and worked at the International Paper Company in Moss Point, MS. After years of service, he eventually opened his own thriving paper mill business. Marie, managed the day-to-day operations of the home and children. Together, they forged memories to last a lifetime. Memories, Katrina hopes to share through I AM Candy & Things.


One of her favorite memories: her grandparents delicious homemade southern treats. She vividly recalls Aristed’s smooth and creamy praline pecan  and fudge candy to be the most heavenly on earth. And no one could top Grandma Marie’s warm, rich, and buttery bread pudding. 


The I AM, in I AM Candy & Things is a name with a four-fold meaning from both Katrina’s spiritual and familial heritage. It symbolizes pillars of: faith, hope, love, and family. Through the uniquely sweet experience of I Am Candy & Things, Katrina combines the basic principles she learned from her grandparents formulated recipes, business practices, and packaging that reflects her humbling simplistic, uncompromisingly strong roots.


  • Faith: Launching the I AM Candy and Things business is a testament of faith. God, the “Great I AM” will provide everything needed to sustain the company


  • Hope: The hope that comes from being connected to the vine of the Great I AM


  • Love: A nod to Katrina’s beloved grandparents, Aristed and Marie (AM)


  • Family: The rich soil and fertile roots of the Aristed and Marie family tree has yielded sturdy branches of family

I AM Candy and Things does work out/rent out a local commercial kitchen in Jackson County, the owner and operator, Katrina Currie has a ServSafe Food Handler certification to conduct business to business, mail-orders, and online business. 

We are already set-up with UPC (bar codes)

Nutritional labels area available as well for B2B (Business to Business).

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“These Pralines Are Addictive." 



Why does it take up to three days/72 hours
for my order to be shipped?


Katrina L. Long-Currie, Owner
I AM Candy and Things, LLC. 



Purchase our pralines from this fine vendor.
Delo's Heavenly House of Coffee (Gautier, MS. and Pascagoula, MS) locations. 


Delorise Nettles, Owner
Delo's Heavenly House of Coffee
Photo Credit: OurMSHomes

Customer Pick-up for Online Orders at:

 Delo's Heavenly House of Coffee 

3880 Gautier Vancleave Rd., Ste 8, Gautier, MS 39553 (228) 497-5550.

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