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Mini Pralines / Bite-size Charms $10 for 20

Mini Pralines / Bite-size Charms $10 for 20


An In Store Pick-Up Only Item. Pre-Order your Bite-size charms!


Perfectly portioned and elegantly packaged, these mini pralines make for the ultimate treat, whether you're savoring them yourself or sharing them with loved ones. Their bite-sized charm makes them ideal for any occasion - from casual snacking to elegant dessert tables at weddings and events.

At Candy and Things, LLC., we take pride in using only the finest, locally sourced ingredients to ensure every mini praline bursts with authentic Mississippi flavor. With each bite, you'll experience the warmth and hospitality of the South, making our pralines the perfect embodiment of Southern tradition.

Whether you're a lifelong praline enthusiast or new to this delectable Southern tradition, our Mini Praline Sweet Treats are a must-try. Join us in celebrating the rich heritage of I AM Candy and Things, LLC. , this Gulf Coast Mississippi, and the celebration of Aristed and Marie Chestang's legacy  with every bite.

Satisfy your sweet cravings and experience the magic of Mississippi's finest pralines - order your Mini Praline Sweet Treats from Candy and Things, LLC. today, and let the sweetness of the South delight your taste buds!

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